Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Robson Apex Review

The Robson Apex is the brand new touring boat brought to you by Robson Mega Sports. From the moment I saw it I knew this was going to be a very fun boat to paddle. The innovative lines on the rail and the smooth hull profile made for such a slick boat on the water the only thing which made me get off was the end of the river!
The layout of the interior has been well thought out and although simple, it definitely works. After 4 people  massively ranging in weight and size tried it, it was clear that this boat can accommodate the larger paddlers as well as the smaller.
The grab handles of the boat were very user friendly making it less of a pain to transport to the water.
One thing I was really fond of was the skeg system which without fail did what you wanted it to do, unlike other brands touring boats which are vulnerable to falling down once raised.

On The Water
The Apex picked up speed very easily and without effort which was a strong selling point in my view.
This boat is fast, and I mean fast. This would be the perfect boater x boat for whitewater paddlers whilst at the same time be the tool for Touring boaters who want to up their game, and because of the boats user friendliness and speed, up their distance.
One of my favourite things about this boat was the way that the Apex literally glided into eddies. Thanks to its edges and subtle progressive rocker it also boofed upon command. It goes where you want it to go, not the other way round. Considering the length of this boat, I was certainly surprised at this.

Overall I was really happy with the way this boat performed on the water as well as the thought out outfitting. This boat is the perfect accompliment  for almost any paddler whether it be hardcore class V creek boater to the calmer paddlers who love to paddle on a quiet summers evening.
I am now looking forward to taking it on some steeper water to see what other great features this boat has.
See you on the water,
Charles Blyth